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Nov. 12th, 2010

so cross your fingers, say a prayer, you don't believe but I don't care...

Oct. 2nd, 2010

I'm still in the hospital. The doctors are optimistic I could get out tomorrow. I don't want to deal with being worried over at home but I'm honestly pretty much okay, I'm walking a lot, doing a lot of stuff on my own. Once they get the drain out of me I will be so much happier. There is a squeeze bottle attached to a tube that goes inside of me and is attached to my pancreas and fluid gets drained to the squeeze bottle. I took pictures. They are taking it out by pulling it out.

Sep. 27th, 2010

off to the hospital.

:( :( :( :(

Aug. 12th, 2010




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Aug. 1st, 2010

 The heat is finally over. It's 80 degrees and sunny and it feels almost cool, like it's about to be cool. The streets of Baltimore are filled with people again; I walked to Bolton Hill and back and there were so many people outside; boys and teenagers on BMX bikes, the man talking to the police officer showing him the smashed out window on his Jeep, seniors outside the Waxler Center enjoying the breeze. Even the dirt bikers stayed inside during the heat wave, or at least on the west side, but last night Andrew and I saw them crossing Charles Street zipping down Mulberry Street (I never see them going north to south, or south to north; always east to west, or west to east.) 

It's 20 degrees cooler. The stores are filled with child-sized khakis, polo shirts, and school supplies. I found some pumpkin spice body lotion and put it on and now I smell like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and vanilla. There are dead, dried leaves on the ground and when the breeze comes they skitter and scratch across the pavement. It's a little early but it feels like Baltimore's unofficial fifth season has begun; the season of cognitive dissonance, of limbo. (It usually starts around mid-to-late August and lasts till mid-October, but this has been a wacky weather year all around). Fall feels like its' supposed to be coming, encroaching. I expect fall and then it never comes or even begins to come and the summer just lingers, heavy, swollen, in the air. Of all the seasons, this one is the asshole. 

May. 16th, 2010

I'm not going to stop cleaning until my apartment is clean to my satisfaction. (except, for, you know, earlier tonight, when I went to Harbor East for dinner and drinks. WHATEVER.)

I probably won't vacuum until morning.

Jan. 13th, 2010

Also, because lots of you said below that you liked my writing here, I would like to let you know that I have a blog where I write Eloquently and Thoughtfully about stuff. Maybe y'all would like to check it out (and I would update it more frequently if people were reading.)

Dec. 29th, 2009

If the POUND of Indonesian Sulawesi beans I bought at Fairway yesterday doesn't show up RIGHT FUCKING NOW I am going to FLIP MY SHIT.

eta crisis averted


God you would think people were dying or something....